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本文摘要:WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers.华盛顿——在整个美国,除了加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪枪击案袭击者用于的那部iPhone,司法部还在拒绝苹果公司(


WASHINGTON — The Justice Department is demanding Apple’s help in unlocking at least nine iPhones nationwide in addition to the phone used by one of the San Bernardino, Calif., attackers.华盛顿——在整个美国,除了加利福尼亚州圣贝纳迪枪击案袭击者用于的那部iPhone,司法部还在拒绝苹果公司(Apple)协助关卡最少九部手机。The disclosure appears to buttress the company’s concerns that the dispute could pose a threat to encryption safeguards that goes well beyond the single California case.这或许反对了苹果的忧虑,即此次争议可能会对产品的加密维护构成威胁,其影响远不止加州这一例。Apple is fighting the government’s demands in at least seven of the other nine cases, Marc J. Zwillinger, a lawyer for the company, said in a letter unsealed in federal court on Tuesday.在联邦法院周二发布的一封信中,苹果公司律师马克·J·茨维林格(Marc J. Zwillinger)回应,在这另外九起案子里的最少七个案子中,苹果拒绝接受因应政府的拒绝。

“Apple has not agreed to perform any services on the devices,” Mr. Zwillinger wrote. Starting in December, the letter says, Apple has in a number of cases objected to the Justice Department’s efforts to force its cooperation through a 1789 statute known as the All Writs Act, which says courts can require actions to comply with their orders.“苹果仍然没表示同意在这些设备上获取任何服务,”茨维林格写到。信中还回应,自去年12月起,苹果在多起案件中拒绝接受了司法部通过《所有令状法案》(All Writs Act)被迫其合作的拒绝。

依据这项1789年的法案,法院可以拒绝当事人按其命令行事。In the San Bernardino case, prosecutors have cast their demands for Apple to help them unlock the iPhone used by Syed Rizwan Farook — one of the attackers in the December rampage, in which 14 people were killed — as a limited effort in response to an unusual situation.在圣贝纳迪那个案子中,检方把它对苹果公司明确提出的协助关卡赛义德·里兹万·法鲁克(Syed Rizwan Farook)用于的iPhone的拒绝,叙述为应付类似情况的一种受限不道德。

法鲁克是去年12月致14人丧生的大规模枪击案的袭击者之一。Still, “no one should be surprised that we’re investigating other cases and looking for assistance in those other cases,” a law enforcement official said on Tuesday.不过,“我们也在调查其他案件,不会在这些其他案件中拒绝帮助,这不足为奇,”一名执法人员官员周二回应。Since challenging a judge’s demand in the San Bernardino case, which called for Apple to create a special tool to help investigators more easily crack the phone’s passcode, the company has repeatedly asserted that such a move could not be done in isolation.在圣贝纳迪案件中,法官拒绝苹果建构一种类似的工具,从而协助调查人员更容易地密码这部手机的密码,该公司不予拒绝接受。自此之后,苹果重复否认,此类措施的后果会仅限于这一例。

“Once created, the technique could be used over and over again, on any number of devices,” Apple’s chief executive, Timothy D. Cook, said in a letter to customers. And in a note on its website on Monday, Apple said law enforcement agencies nationwide “have hundreds of iPhones they want Apple to unlock if the F.B.I. wins this case.”“一旦建构出来,这种技术就可以在给定数量的设备上重复用于,”苹果首席执行官蒂莫西·D·库克(Timothy D. Cook)在一封致消费者的信中说道。该公司在周一于官方网站上公布的一份解释中回应,“如果联邦调查局(FBI)输掉了这个案子”,全美各地的执法人员部门“不会有成百上千部iPhone等着让苹果关卡。

”Apple has long maintained that it would hand over data to comply with a court order when it was technically able to do so. In a report covering the first six months of 2015, Apple said it had received nearly 11,000 requests from government agencies worldwide for information on roughly 60,000 devices, and it provided some data in roughly 7,100 instances.长久以来,苹果公司仍然否认,如果技术上可以构建,它就不会因应法庭的命令递交数据。苹果在一份覆盖面积2015年上半年的统计资料报告中回应,它接到了将近1.1万份来自全美各地的政府机构的催促,牵涉到约6万台设备中的信息,而苹果为其中的约7100事例获取了一些数据。But while the data backed up on Apple’s iCloud service is readily accessible by the company, it has made the security on the iPhone itself increasingly hard to crack.尽管苹果可以较为更容易地提供备份在iCloud云端的数据,但它强化了iPhone本身的安全性,使之更加无法密码。Because a number of the newly disclosed cases remain sealed, Apple’s letter did not describe the types of crimes at issue. But they appear to involve run-of-the-mill prosecutions for offenses like drug trafficking and pornography, rather than a high-profile terrorism investigation, officials said.因为刚透露的案件有不少还处在保密状态,苹果没在信中叙述这些争辩案件的类型。

但一些官员回应,它们牵涉到的或许是针对诸如毒品走私和色情等犯罪活动的普通指控,而非引人注目的恐怖主义调查。The newly disclosed cases are in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston.这些近期提及的案件发生于纽约、芝加哥、洛杉矶、旧金山和波士顿。

The existence of the other demands came to light in a drug-trafficking case in Federal District Court in Brooklyn, where prosecutors are seeking access to the data held in an iPhone linked to a methamphetamine distribution ring.检方针对这些其他案件向苹果明确提出的拒绝,是在驻布鲁克林的联邦地区法院审理一件毒品走私案时曝光的。在这一案件中,检方企图提供与一个冰毒分销网络有关的一部iPhone中的数据。The owner of the phone, Jun Feng, 45, has pleaded guilty to conspiracy in the case. But prosecutors have pushed ahead anyway with their efforts to force Apple to unlock his phone, in part because they maintain that it could lead them to other drug suspects.这部手机的所有人是45岁的冯军(音)。

他早已否认自己在这起案件中犯下共谋罪。但检方还在施加压力,要被迫苹果关卡他的手机,部分原因在于,他们坚决指出,这能协助他们寻找其他毒品嫌疑人。The two sides are awaiting a ruling from Magistrate Judge James Orenstein on whether Apple should be forced to cooperate. Before issuing a ruling, Judge Orenstein wanted Apple to detail other pending requests from prosecutors.双方正在等候治安法官詹姆斯·奥伦斯坦(James Orenstein)就苹果否该不得不使合作作出判决。

在发布自己的判决之前,奥伦斯坦法官想要让苹果详尽列出检方明确提出的其他仍未符合的拒绝。The Brooklyn drug-trafficking case has been dwarfed by the fight in California. But national security lawyers say the Brooklyn case remains important, because Judge Orenstein’s decision is expected to be the first to offer a broad examination of the government’s authority under the All Writs Act to force Apple to unlock passcode-protected iPhones.与加州的攻击事件比起,布鲁克林毒品走私案变得微不足道。但国家安全性领域的律师回应,布鲁克林的案件也很最重要,因为奥伦斯坦法官的裁决,未来将会沦为对政府依照《所有令状法案》拒绝苹果关卡有密码保护的iPhone的权力作出宏观审查的第一个判例。

The judge has indicated skepticism over the government’s demands. Initially, Apple agreed to a formal order to help the Justice Department gain access to Mr. Feng’s phone, but Judge Orenstein balked, questioning whether the All Writs Act could be used that way. He invited Apple’s lawyers to raise objections.这名法官对政府的拒绝展现出出有猜测态度。最初,苹果拒绝接受了一项月命令,即协助司法部转入冯军的手机,但奥伦斯坦法官有所保有,批评《所有令状法案》否能被这么用于。他请求苹果的律师对司法部的拒绝驳回。

While his ultimate decision will not be legally binding in California, it could influence the legal arguments there. And an appeal by either side has the potential to work its way through the federal court system to become significant case law.尽管他的最后判决对于加州的案件会有法律约束力,但它可以对那里的法律争辩产生影响。控辩双方任何一方明确提出的裁决,都有可能沿着联邦法院系统仍然往上走,沦为最重要的判例法。

Law enforcement officials around the country are anxiously watching the cases in both Brooklyn and California to see how their own investigations might be affected.全美的执法人员官员都在紧绷地注目着布鲁克林和加州两个案子的进展,以辨别他们各自的调查不会受到怎样的影响。At a news conference last week after the debate erupted in California, the New York City police commissioner, William J. Bratton, and the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus R. Vance Jr., said they had collected about 175 iPhones, in investigations, that they have been unable to unlock.上周,在有关加州案件的争辩显露后举办的一场新闻发布会上,纽约警察局长威廉·J·布拉顿(William J. Bratton)和派驻曼哈顿的地区检察官小塞勒斯·R·万斯(Cyrus R. Vance Jr.)回应,他们在调查中搜集了约175部无法关卡的iPhone。

Mr. Vance rejected the notion that Apple should be forced to cooperate only in certain prominent crimes.有一种观念指出,苹果应当只在某些根本性犯罪案件上被擅自拒绝因应调查。回应,万斯并不表示同意。

“What we discover is that investigation into one crime often leads into criminal activity in another, sometimes much more serious than what we were originally looking at,” he said.“我们的找到是,针对一项犯罪活动的调查往往可以把我们引至有关另一项犯罪活动的调查,有时候后者不会比我们原本调查的事情相当严重得多,”他说道。